Zearn Math Aims to Set Kids Up For Success on Phillips Live

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With the previous school year being anything but traditional, many kids are falling through the cracks. This has left parents looking for ways to get their kids back on track and focused on their school work. Zearn Math, a free online platform available on the Phillips Live, puts the spotlight on helping students succeed.

What Is Zearn Math?

Zearn Math was created by the educational nonprofit group, Zearn. With math lessons built by teachers, the group is driven by the goal of helping kids love to learn math. This is why all of Zearn’s materials are free. Parents and teachers can sign up for a free account and get access to digital math lessons for children. While parents use Zearn at home, many teachers are also using it with their daily instruction in the classroom.

Shalinee Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Zearn tells Parentology that Zearn is driven by the belief that every kid is a math kid.

“The design of Zearn Math was guided by a set of foundational principles based in brain science and the best research on mathematics teaching and learning,” says Sharma. Zearn Math uses the best content from the highest-rated Open Educational Resource (OER) curricula along with school instruction. This helps students not only stay on track but also get ahead.

Zearn lessons also teach kids that math is more than memorization. They use strategies that help kids understand math concepts in a tangible way.

How Does It Work?

Once an account is created, kids log in and work on their math lessons that are grade-level appropriate. Each lesson starts with adaptive experiences that allow students to build number sense. From there, kids are shown short videos including kids and teachers who help to introduce new concepts.

Kids are given the chance to stop, do the math, and then check it to make sure they are understanding the concepts. Since the math problems are visual and interactive, kids are engaged so they keep learning.

“After completing each problem, kids are provided with real-time, encouraging feedback just like teachers would give,” says Sharma.

Kids can also get help when they are stuck on a problem so that they can stay on track with the lesson. Zearn Math aims to show kids how to learn from their mistakes, not dwell on them as failures. Parents get notifications to let them know how their kids are doing and if they need some extra help.

Is Zearn Math Safe?

Parents often worry if online platforms are safe for their children. Zearn Math provides a 1-on-1 learning experience with real-time feedback. This not only assures that every kid gets the attention they need to succeed but also creates a safe online learning environment.

Getting Started

Getting started with Zearn Math is easy. Parents and teachers just need to sign up for a free account using Phillips Live.

When parents are doing it on their own, they can use their own Phillips Live account. Besides digital lessons, there are also recorded webinars, parent packs, and tip sheets. Zearn Math is currently available for kids in grades 1-6. The curriculum for sixth grade has just been added with plans to expand on more levels.